Pair of Egyptian Theatre Chairs
Pair of Egyptian Theatre Chairs
Pair of Egyptian Theatre Chairs
Pair of Egyptian Theatre Chairs

Pair of Egyptian Theatre Chairs

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The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood is a classic and beloved movie palace originally built in 1922 during the silent film era. A fixture in Hollywood’s Golden Age, the Egyptian was the site of the world’s very first movie premiere of ROBIN HOOD starring Douglas Fairbanks and remains to this day as the ultimate destination for moviegoers. This historic venue has been the home of glamorous red carpet premieres, groundbreaking film festivals and incredible cinematic experiences over the near-century it has been presenting films for audiences in Hollywood, the movie-making capital of the world. 

The American Cinematheque re-opened the doors of the Egyptian Theatre in 1998 after extensive renovation work. Since then, the American Cinematheque has produced thousands of film events in the space with state-of-the-art presentation, including in-person tributes and conversations, film retrospectives, dazzling movie premieres, advanced screenings, and notable film festivals including Noir City: Hollywood, TCM Classic Film Festival and Beyond Fest. 

Now you can own a piece of Hollywood history. Get a pair or a single chair mounted on a hand-painted wooden platform with Egyptian Theatre motifs. Only a limited quantity of 25 seats available. A certificate of authenticity is provided.


  • Authentic Egyptian Theatre cushioned folding seats, upholstered with high-quality Italian blue Alcantara material with metal/plastic underside
  • Mounted on custom plywood.
  • Decorated with Hand-Painted Egyptian-inspired motifs on chair back and plywood floor base. 
  • A certificate of authenticity
  • For the Adult Collector 18+
  • All Sales Final
  • Shipping or Local Pickup must be handled by buyer

Note: These chairs are not original to the theatre.

Designs by Seth Meisterman.


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